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Fathers Day Special Offers and Machine Polishing Guide

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Father's Day Special Offers


Whether you are a Dad and hoping to be treated this Father’s Day, or you have just got that Tax refund payment back and want to spoil your car – or even better both!

Here are some excellent suggestions and special offers for putting that tax refund to good use and for making any Dad smile this Father’s Day:

1: Buy the NEW



A Guide to Machine Polishers


Is a machine polisher safe to use on my car? The answer is: Yes.

Machine Polishers provide amazing results that are simply not possible by hand polishing, with advances in technology over the last 5-10 years, there are a lot of machine polishers that are completely safe and very easy to use – even for total amateurs.

Where do you start – We get asked a lot “which is the right polisher fo…


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