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Fathers Day & Tax Back Ideas, Mircofibre Revolution and Exterior Trim Secrets

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Microfibre – The Revolution


It always used to be a bucket, sponge and a chamois, so what’s changed? Microfibre technology has revolutionised the cleaning world and that includes caring for your pride and joy. Cloths and Mitts can be made softer, more durable and to a specific size and length – all making the removal of dirt safer and easier when washing, polishing or detailing. But with so many types in the market, isn’t …



Back to Black


Exterior Trim is one of the small areas on the car these days, but one of the hardest to keep looking great in the harsh Australian climate. If you have spent hours or days polishing your paint to look glossy and shiny and then your trim is faded and tired, it can really let down the whole look of the car. However good news is here, there are products using new technology that can make your ext…


Father’s Day & Tax Back Ideas


Whether you are a Dad and looking to be treated on Father’s Day, or you have …


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