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Valentines Day Free Shipping

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By system on Friday, 09 February 2018

Valentine’s Day – the ultimate day for love, and what better way to pamper the one you love than to spoil them with some Snow Foam, Wash, Clay, Polish or Wax – after all we are talking about your car aren’t we!

- Forget giving your lover a bikini wax – give your car some Carnauba Wax!

- Forget giving your lover flowers – give your car some Air Freshener or Fabric Coat!

- Forget giving your lover chocolates – give your car some Clay or Cockpit Cleaner!

Really: who is going to appreciate the gift more, who is always shining back at you, who is beading even when you left them out in the rain.

Have a browse through and pick out something thoughtful and romantic for your car this Valentine’s Day and we will ship it to you for FREE

Select your items and enter “VALFS18” in step 3 of the checkout, which should remove the shipping charge in Step 5.

*Orders over $150 excluding large or bulk products and car covers.

Happy Valentines Day