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By system on Tuesday, 04 April 2017

We have been busy over the last year learning, training and expanding our Detailing Services – even with over 10 years experience, we still feel you can always learn more every day. Without this knowledge we could not offer the technical advice and support we do, test products to see which are good, deliver professional detailing training and ultimately practise what we preach by Detailing to a high standard.

During the last 18 months we have joined the International Detailing Association (IDA) based in the USA – this industry body offers great information and training. To gain extra accreditation we passed our exams to become a ‘Certified Detailer’ and then completed the practical tests to become ‘Skills Validated’ This means that we know the theory and can also utilise it well in practise – the first Detailers in Australia to accomplish this.

We have also been to XPEL in Texas to attend training and conferences, to learn the art of PPF (Paint Protection Film). This is the clear film protection that is usually applied to the front of cars to stop Stone Chips. The product and the installation is actually a lot more technical than you might think, with advanced computer software to cut precise patterns for individual cars, and then ensuring 100% fit through skilled application.

Through this continued training and education we feel we can deliver professional detailing services, some of which include:

Quartz/Ceramic Protective Coatings: not just ‘Paint Protection’ as you have heard the term at dealerships – but real long lasting coatings that provide low-maintenance and high-protection for a variety of areas on your car like Paint, Wheels, Interior, Leather and even Glass. We have options for 2 years or 5 years, starting from just $600 – ideal for new cars to lock in that finish, without breaking the bank.

Paint Protection Film: PPF is the ultimate in protection for your paint, especially against Stone Chips. A Quartz Coating as mentioned above will provide protection against UV, contamination, make the car easier to clean, and lock in the gloss – but for ‘impact protection’ (stones, rocks etc) then a clear film is the only option and XPEL is the best on the market. Offering a 10 year warranty, and self-healing ability – meaning minor scuffs and marks disappear with heat, XPEL will keep your paint like the day you bought it, for years to come. Packages start at $1,400 which is cheaper than resprays and touch-ups, and means you keep the original factory paint.

Paint Correction: polishing, buffing, cutting – whatever term you know, but the process is a little more refined these days. Using advanced machines, pads and a range of polishes we can remove most paint imperfections like swirl marks, holograms, water spots and light scratches through multiple stages of polishing the paint to reveal a new layer of paint or clear coat underneath. We have transformed everything from ‘new’ cars that were not looking their best straight from the dealership, to 50 year old collector cars. Prices start from $700

With a combination of the best tools from around the world including electronic gauges that measure your paint, specialist hoists to safely raise your car to access all areas, IR lights to properly cure ceramic coatings and a collection of Italian and German polishing machines – you can be sure your car is in good hands. Some of our work is showcased on Complete Car Protection and even our main page CCP Facebook

If you are short on time, lack the confidence or knowledge, or have just been thinking about having your car properly detailed or protected, we would be pleased to discuss your needs. Feel free to call, email or even drop in with your car so we can fully evaluate it for you and provide recommendations and suggestions on what might suit yours and your cars lifestyle.

Detailing Services are available in Sydney and Brisbane directly with CCP and also in Melbourne and Perth with our trusted partners – call today to spoil your car with the very best in protection.