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By system on Monday, 03 April 2017

As well as providing some of the Best Car Care Products from around the world, we also try to provide you with the help and support on how to use them correctly, so you can obtain the very best results.

We have our original ‘How-To Section’ on the website, however some of these are getting a little old now, especially with video quality (and fashion) moving on.

We have just produced some new Instructional Videos on some of the latest products and techniques: Car Care Products Videos

Quartz / Ceramic Coatings can be a little tricky to apply, however with the correct method and a few good tips it makes it a lot easier. This video shows you the correct preparation, which is very important and some simple techniques on application and finishing on paint, turning you into a pro: Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Coating Application

Two Bucket Wash Method has been around for years but we have freshened it up and made a video showing you all the key points on how to wash your car safely: Two Bucket Wash Method

Cleaning Wheels is never fun, but we offer some suggestions for the right products and tools to make your wheels gleam with ease: Cleaning Your Wheels

How to Clay Bar is still one of the most asked subjects, this new video is better quality and should give you all the required points for clay barring your car to remove contamination, an important step before polishing or waxing: How To Clay Bar

How to Clean Glass, more fun than wheels but still frustrating to achieve perfect results – and we all hate smears. This video gives you some practical solutions on getting crystal clear windows: How To Clean Your Glass

And last but not least is the application of another Quartz Coating this time for Glass, to make water simply fly off your windscreen and windows – perfect for the recent wet weather: Gyeon View Application

We hope these videos not only provide some great suggestions on how to achieve the best results for these topics, but also a little inspiration. There are more coming soon, so watch this space, and if there is anything particular you would like to see –please feel free to email us with suggestions.

Happy Detailing!