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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

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By system on Thursday, 08 December 2016

We are getting asked every day for ideas for this Christmas, so here is our Top Ten rundown of the most popular and wanted gifts this year:

1. An annual favourite is the Duragloss Paint Protection Pack providing an easy–to-use synthetic sealant combination that offers excellent protection while lasting months and months. The Aquawax provides an ongoing booster adding further gloss and shine, meaning that it could be next Christmas before your car needs more love.

2. The New Mint ProTools Snow Foam Lance is hot, amazing value and perfect for a White Christmas, the ideal way to wash without swirls on special at the moment.

3. Enthusiast Cloth Kit; we cannot make enough of these, probably because of the great value offered, you save heaps on this collection and you get everything in the range; wash mitt, drying towel, cloths, applicators, MWash and much more all packaged in a tough container to keep everything clean.

4. CCP T-Shirts; the perfect attire for washing and detailing. Good quality T-Shirts in a range of sizes that state “Nice Swirls” or “That’ll Buff Out” make sure your man is dressed for the occasion, just don’t let him wear it to Christmas lunch.

5. The Gyeon Basics Care Kit is a great present, packaged in a high-quality detail bag that can live in the boot or the garage and featuring the pH neutral wash Bathe, with WetCoat to add protection and the Smoothie/Silk Dryer combination. This would make someone happy this Christmas.

6. The famous Grit Guard Bucket Double Combo – if you are not washing with 2 Buckets, you should be! Stop those swirl marks in their tracks with these solid Aussie-made buckets and USA-made Grit Guard. Wash the correct way; take dirt safely off the car and then rinse it away.

7. CCP Gift Vouchers – you cannot go wrong at Christmas with these. Provides peace for you as they look through our webstore for hours to find the exact products they want, no possible disappointment and delivery via email direct to you.

8. Hugely popular especially coming into Summer Duragloss Leather System, amazing cleaning power and a fantastic leather scent that leaves your leather looking, feeling and smelling like new. Perfect for all automotive leathers and also works miracles on the family leather lounge, especially those light or cream coloured ones!

9. This one will be lasting well into the New Year GYEON Tire provides a deep black finish, just like a new tyre. The perfect way to dress your tyres that offers a long duration to match because of the active SiO2 in the formulation.

10. It might be all Red and Gold and Christmas looking but the Dodo Juice Orange Plush Drying Towel is always a favourite. Super-soft thick microfibre to carefully dry your car, finished with a festive Dodo Juice green suede edging – this can soak up all the Christmas excess, well water at least.

That wraps up this year’s hottest car care products but remember we have over 1,500 items to choose from, and with a team of professionals here waiting to help you out with more ideas and suggestions – call or email us now…