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NEW Products December 2016

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By system on Thursday, 08 December 2016

We have been working hard to find the best Car Care Products from around the world and bring them back to Australia for you, and there are some exciting new additions to introduce.

New Mitts are popular with 3 new Wash Mitts and 1 new Drying Mitt. Firstly the New Mint Uber Wash Mitt offers a fresh Red and White look packed with a blend of microfibres making it glide over the surfaces effortlessly when washing, collecting all the dirt high in the fibres away from the paint. This Mitt is a large size with a very nice woven cuff for a premium finish. Next is the New Mint Micro-Noodle Wash Mitt, made from regular microfibre yarn and woven into micro-noodle strands, which will clean even the dirtiest vehicles A slightly smaller mitt, this one is to replace our standard microfibre wash mitt. Microfibre is super-soft but super-tough allowing you to put these wash mitts in the washing machine to revive if required. We also have an addition with the New Mint Lambswool Wash Mitt, made from natural merino wool making it super soft and having a natural lanolin in the fibres allowing it to release dirt easily. Not as tough as microfibre but nice and gentle on your paintwork. (this one is not allowed in the washing machine!) Which Mitt is the best for you? It depends on how dirty your car gets, how easily the dirt comes off, which material you like most and how much you want to spend: for economy, washing door jams, surrounds or dirtier areas the Micro-Noodle wins. For more premium washing on those delicate paint surfaces the Uber Wash Mitt or Lambswool Wash Mitt are the pick – the Uber is tougher and will take more punishment, the Lambswool requires more care to keep nice. Both perform very well, last a long time and take dirt away from the paint with their long fibres – which is the goal – your choice!

And to finish the new Mitt range we have a Drying Mitt – well sort of. The New Gyeon Silk Mitt is made from the same material as their Silk Dryer so super-absorbent but this time in the form of a Mitt which allows drying those awkward to reach places easily; think wheels, jams, around doors and mirrors. It complements the Silk Dryer and together they make a great team for drying every inch of your car.

Staying with GYEON they have a lot of new exciting products – again! The new Leather Cleaner has been showing impressive results with powerful cleaning ability on most types of leather, working well on light colours to remove that daily dirt and grime. In the same category is the New Leather Shield which is a step-up from the existing Leather Coat providing very long-term protection for leather surfaces against spills, UV, dye-transfer and general mishaps, excellent for all leather, especially family cars and light colours. The new Interior Vinyl Cleaner is perfect for most surfaces inside cars providing a fresh factory look again – simply spray onto a quality microfibre and wipe over. Lastly Preserve is for interior plastic adding a little colour and depth back to it whilst also providing some extra UV protection, this is very concentrated so use minimally or even dilute for best results.

The last new release (for now) from GYEON is their New Matte Coating – designed to provide the same level of protection as their other excellent quartz coatings, but offer Zero Gloss. Ideal for Matte Paints, Matte Wraps, Matte Wheels or anything that does not shine, this new coating will provide that ceramic layer to protect these delicate Matte surfaces repelling dirt, oil, water and making them much easier to clean.

There is a NEW Mint ProTools Snow Foam Lance joining the family, still made from solid brass components, variable foam spray and producing a thick rich snow foam, but a more economical option than the Premium versions from Mint ProTools and Autobrite.

And finally we have the new Garage Flooring – offering you the chance to transform your garage, shed or workshop into a professional showroom that will look amazing. Available is a range of colours, these tiles interlock quickly and securely to form the design you want. They have a vent design that allows water to flow through them, easy-to-clean and super-strong 18mm thick. If stripping and painting is too much hassle try these, you can normally complete a double garage in under 2 hours, you can add to them if you wish and even take them with you if you move – perfect!

As mentioned these are just some highlights from the last few months of the exciting new products we now have in store, here is a full list of NEW Products and as always please call or email if you have any questions or are unsure what best suits you and your car – we are here to help!