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By system on Thursday, 27 October 2016

We have another world-leading brand to introduce to Australia – XPEL – known as the innovators of Paint Protection Film and made in the USA.

While waxes, sealants and coatings can help protect against the weather, make your car easier to clean and lock in that gloss – PPF (Paint Protection Film) is the only real way to help protect against stone chips. The technology in clear film has developed massively over the last few years from the old ugly stuff that you could blatantly see and some used to turn yellow within months – XPEL offers a near invisible clear layer that can wrap your panels fully with no lines.

The tough Polyurethane core film is a made from 3 layers, with the new Top Coat on the Ultimate Film being Self-Healing. Yes if the film receives any minor swirls, scuffs and marks, you can just heat it up and they disappear – very impressive!

No More Stone Chips is the tag line, and that is what it really does. Usually applied to the front of the vehicle; bumper, bonnet, guards and mirrors to help protect against oncoming stones, debris and even insects which can all cause permanent damage. But why stop there, some customers now decide to have the complete car wrapped in clear film – you will not see the difference in appearance, but the whole car is then protected, front, back, roof and sides.

But why XPEL: firstly it is the clear leader in PPF technology with the Self-Healing properties of the film. Then they are so confident of the film quality, they offer a 10 Year Warranty. And finally all installers use the XPEL DAP software to computer cut specific patterns for your car – meaning not only that these will fit perfectly, but also there is no chance of causing damage to the paint because there is no cutting of film on the car.

PPF needs professional application by skilled installers, all XPEL installers are trained by the factory to very high standards to ensure the quality of work. Unfortunately this is not something you can just ‘stick-on’ yourself or complete in a just an hour, but the results are well worth it and last years.

The cost – obviously it is not cheap, but neither is a respray for a front bumper or bonnet. The benefit is obvious with road conditions getting worse by the day, it is now not only for the highway or country drivers but even the city commuters that have stones constantly thrown up from that truck or car in front.

With a network of professional installers around Australia there is someone close to you that can protect your car. For more information on XPEL films please see or feel free to call or email us to discuss your needs