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Microfibre – The Revolution

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By system on Tuesday, 30 August 2016

It always used to be a bucket, sponge and a chamois, so what’s changed? Microfibre technology has revolutionised the cleaning world and that includes caring for your pride and joy. Cloths and Mitts can be made softer, more durable and to a specific size and length – all making the removal of dirt safer and easier when washing, polishing or detailing. But with so many types in the market, isn’t microfibre all the same? NO is the answer, like a lot of things there is good and bad and right and wrong, here is a guide to let you know the type of Microfibre might suit your needs.

Washing: throw out that hard old sponge and get yourself a Microfibre Wash Mitt – the new Mint Microfibre Uber Wash Mitt uses a blend of different types of microfibres to create the ultimate washing tool, allowing it to glide across the surface while the fibres gently collect the dirt from the surface taking it into the core of the fibre. This means there is less chance of inducing scratches, swirl marks or marring when washing – keeping your paint shinier for longer.

Drying: the synthetic chamois that has to stay wet in the plastic tube, otherwise it turns rock hard should be put into retirement. If something ‘drags’ over the paint it is probably doing more harm than good. The first wave of Microfibre Towels for drying came along in the form of a Waffle Weave Drying Towels they had a long, absorbent fibre that was woven into the special waffle pattern to glide over the paintwork and soak up water, again minimising the chance of inducing swirl marks. These are super safe but sometimes it can take 2 towels to completely dry a wet car and remove every drop of water. The next generation has now arrived in the form of Ultra Deluxe Drying Towel this is a new type of twisted and looped fibre that is even more absorbent and contains twice the weight of fibre; making it more than twice as absorbent – still super-soft so now 1 huge towel is usually all you need to dry off your car to perfection.

Polishing and Waxing: your paint is surprising soft and can easily be marked, not necessarily ‘by the cloth’ itself, but sometimes by debris that the cloth has picked up and you then rub into the paint. That is why a good microfibre cloth should release dirt and debris particles as easily as it collects them. For example when you are wiping off your polish, you want the cloth to collect all the unused polish particles and dust from the surface – once you have wiped the section, shake out the cloth away for the car. A good quality microfibre will release most of these particles easily, a cheap microfibre will hold these particles thus clogging the fibres and not allowing for more particles to be taken away from the surface, but only be pushed over it – thus increasing the chance of marking or scratching the surface. Korean Microfibre textiles are the best quality in the world and nearly all of the Mint Microfibre range is made in Korea. For wiping away polish, wax or anything on your paint we would suggest the Mint Ultra Cloth or Mint Premium Cloth – both are excellent quality and can be reused well over 50 times without a reduction in quality or performance.

Interior Cleaning: not quite as delicate as paint, as most surfaces are harder or more resilient to abrasion so you do not need such a ‘fluffy’ cloth. The Mint Economy Cloth is usually fine combined with your choice of cleaner. Make sure you spray the cleaner/product into the cloth first and not onto the surface, and then lightly wipe over. Again it is the weave of the tiny fibres that offers improved cleaning action, so no real hard scrubbing should be needed, the combination of a good product and a good microfibre cloth should remove any dust or residue and leave the surface fresh.

Glass Cleaning: it is a surface we all love clean and it can be hard to get perfect. Again microfibre to the rescue with a special ‘non-lint’ cloth that does not leave all those fibres, fluff or streaks on the glass – this one is a very different fibre and weave to others. But using a combination of cloths is actually the best: take a Mint Premium Cloth and spray a good automotive glass cleaner into this cloth. Wipe over the glass in long strokes, this will effectively ‘clean the glass’. Next take a Mint Glass Cloth with no product and simply wipe over the glass, again in long strokes – this will complete the process by removing any streaks, lint and smears to leave perfectly clean and clear glass.

Microfibre Care: good microfibre can last and perform for a long time, 50-100 washes easily if you care for it correctly. You can put it through your washing machine, on either 40 or 60 degree washes. Ideally use a liquid detergent like Mint MWash which rinse out more cleanly (powders sometimes clog the tiny fibres) Never use fabric softener as again it will clog the fibres and prevent them working, if anything you can use a very small amount (10ml) of white vinegar in the rinse section. Allow your microfibre cloths to dry naturally. Never put on a Hot setting in the dryer, this will melt the fibres, you can put microfibre products in the dryer after allowing to dry naturally first – but just on the cool setting for 5 minutes to re-fluff and reactivate the fibres. Always try to wash Microfibre products on their own, (especially Glass Cloths) as again if you put cotton and other materials in with them, these larger fibres can clog the small strands in your Microfibre products making them much less effective next time.

And just to mention that we try to offer you a selected range of Microfibre Products in our Car Care Products Cloth Kits these have a great range of cloths, towels and mitts along with a guide on which cloth to use for which job – taking the hard work out of choosing, and all stored in a strong plastic tub which is ideal for keeping all your microfibre together, dry and clean.

As always we are here to help, if you have any questions about Microfibre cloths, towels or products then please feel free to email, call or come into one of our showrooms to discuss what is right for you and you car.