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Do You Know We Detail?

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By system on Tuesday, 26 July 2016

We are well known for providing the very best car care products from around the world, but do you know we also provide some of the best detailing services also?

In fact we have been Detailing for nearly 10 years, amassing countless hours spent polishing and protecting some amazing cars during that time, not to mention boats and motorbikes. We have attended training courses in the US and the UK that were ran by the biggest and most regarded names in detailing to further our knowledge, together with in-house training from some of the greatest product manufacturers in the world.

This knowledge and experience allows us to provide you with detailed information about all of the products we offer, because we do not simply sell them – we use them every day as well. It also allows us to provide some of the best detailing services for you in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth – should you not wish to fully detail your own car.

Some of our services include -

Protective Coatings: there are now coatings that last for years without reapplication, not weeks or months like regular waxes. So if you are looking for low-maintenance and high-protection then these ceramic or quartz coatings could be an option for you. Ideal for new cars to protect Paint, (including Matte Paint) Rims, Leather and more – think of it as ‘real paint protection’ not the kind the dealer is offering for huge $$$.

Paint Correction: polishing, buffing, cutting – whatever term you know, but the process is a little more refined these days. Using advanced machines, pads and a range of polishes we can remove most paint imperfections like swirl marks, holograms, water spots and light scratches through multiple stages of polishing the paint to reveal a new layer of paint or clear coat underneath. We have transformed everything from ‘new’ cars that were not looking their best straight from the dealership, to 50 year old collector cars worth well over $1.5 million!

Show Car Preparation: anyone who has done this knows of the time and effort required to achieve a show car finish. Perfected the paint, polishing metal trim, deep cleaning and conditioning leather, rejuvenation of trim are just some of the components we offer. This type of service can take from 2 days to 2 weeks to accomplish, and we are happy to fully inspect your vehicle and provide a tailored package.

With a combination of the best tools from around the world including electronic gauges that measure your paint, specialist hoists to safely raise your car to access all areas, IR lights to properly cure ceramic coatings and a collection of Italian and German polishing machines – you can be sure your car is in good hands.

So if you are short on time, lack the confidence or knowledge, or have just been thinking about having your car properly detailed, we would be pleased to discuss your needs. Feel free to call, email or even drop in with your car so we can fully evaluate it for you and provide recommendations and suggestions on what might suit yours and your cars lifestyle.

Please see here for our contact details and locations in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth