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By system on Monday, 25 July 2016

It has been a busy few months here at CCP with a lot of new, exciting arrivals – here is a roundup of some of the new products that have come into store recently:

Gyeon Quartz continues to be hugely popular and they have expanded their range with a few new items to make maintenance easier; firstly the new Gyeon Polish Wipe Cloth is perfect for removing Coatings and Sealants. The Gyeon Bald Wipe Cloth is ideal for using with Prep and removing Polish residue. The NEW Gyeon Compact Detailing Bag and Gyeon Large Detailing Bag are the best way to keep your collection of Gyeon Care Products together, offering perfect storage large or small. And the Gyeon Basics Care Kit provides an instant solution to look after any car and boost the protection for months on end.

Rupes have developed their successful Bigfoot Polishers with the New MarkII Bigfoot Polishers in 21mm and 15mm versions. These Italian made machines are now 30% more efficient, delivering more cutting power and improved smoothness – making those polishing jobs much faster and more enjoyable. They are available to purchase as just the polishing machine only or within the complete Rupes Kits here: Rupes New MarkII Polishers and also to help improve your knowledge and ability using the Rupes Polishers, or in fact most RO Polishers is the NEW How to Use the RUPES Bigfoot Polishing System Book written by Mike Phillips in coordination with Rupes, it offers great tips, practical advice and learning for all detailers.

One of the important points in the Polishing System Book is keeping your pads clean as you work, which is essential for consistent and efficient results. The NEW Mint Pad Cleaning Brush is a great tool for this job. Easy to use and tough for a long life, it quickly removes polish residue from your pad allowing it to cut/polish faster and more smoothly. Compatible with RO or Rotary Polishers, it will make your polishing much more enjoyable.

All machines and tools need some love and maintenance and Snow Foam Lances are no exception, deposits from hard water and residue from detergents can scale and clog these tools, limiting performance or even stopping foaming action completely. We have put together the Snow Foam Lance Service Kit which provides all the ‘consumable’ parts for your Snow Foam Lance, and with 30 minutes and some basic tools – will make your Snow Foam Lance like new again. Also remember that regular cleaning of the Lance is required, just running clean hot water through to rinse will help keep performance up. This service kit is compatible with all Mint ProTools and Autobrite Lances only.

And finally a couple of other new items: by popular request we have coordinated a NEW Wheel Woolies Twin Kit featuring the 2 most popular sizes, lower in price and now have a soft foam grip to make these even nicer to clean your wheels to perfection. And the perfect way to keep Warm in Winter while Detailing your Car (or anywhere really) is the Dodo Juice Detailing Fleece like all things Dodo Juice it is made to very high quality, super soft and super warm – and I am sure wearing one will give you special detailer powers.

As mentioned these are just some highlights from the last few months of the exciting new products we now have in store, here is a full list of NEW Products and as always please call or email if you have any questions or are unsure what best suits you and your car – we are here to help!