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1z Clearance Sale

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By system on Monday, 25 July 2016

The German brand 1z Einszett is changing their name to NextZett, they are still going to be offering most of the same great range of products, however they will be discontinuing some retail products.

Therefore we are clearing the shelves of those closing lines to make way for the new NextZett products, and offering some crazy discounts of 20-30% OFF!

Some of the favourites include:

1z Paint Polish an easy-to-use light to medium polish that can be used by hand or machine to clean up those swirls and oxidation quickly.

Yes it is still cold or maybe you are heading to the snow, so why not stock up on both the ready to use De-Icer Spray to instantly dissolve that frost, and also the Anti-Frost Washer Concentrate to stop those washer bottles freezing solid – both super effective and now super cheap.

The under-rated MOS2 Active Oil Spray provides great lubrication for all joints, including door, boot, and bonnet hinges, whilst also displacing water. And with added graphite this product has 101 uses around the garage, home and shed.

Have you ever had Tree Sap that simply would not budge, then Tree Sap Remover could be the solution, removing most types of really hard tree sap that stick to your paint not only making it look ugly but also causing damage.

These are only some of the highlights, a full range of SALE Products can be found here: 1z PRODUCT SALE Stocks are very limited and at these prices they will not be around for long – get in quick!