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Is your Car ready for Winter?

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By system on Monday, 20 June 2016

The cold weather is here – for most of us, extra jumpers and warm fires, so does your car need some extra care like you do?

As well as ‘regular protection’ for the exterior and some conditioning for your leather, there are some particular areas in winter that your car would appreciate some extra love…

During the cold weather those door and window seals can rub and squeak more than usual, a quick wipe over with 1z Gummi Pfledge stops those squeaks and groans and allows for peaceful motoring. Sometimes you get a creak from the door hinges as well, especially after cleaning or as the grease hardens, so a little extra never goes amiss, use the 1z Ultra Gel Spray Grease and no more squeaking door openings or closings.

The biggest issue we get asked about is Windscreens and Windows misting up on those cold mornings, firstly make sure your glass is really clean – this really makes a big difference, then use a quality automotive Glass Cleaner like DJ Clearly Menthol or Duragloss Glass Cleaner and two good quality Glass Microfibre Cloth (one for on and the other for off) – go over it twice if you have to, and remember lots of long strokes and not much product like this: How to Clean and Polish Car Glass Perfect for these misty mornings is Gyeon AntiFog a revolutionary product that offers amazing results for the interior of your glass, an actual coating that bonds to the glass and stops that mist and condensation build up.

For the exterior glass, make sure your washer bottle is topped up and has a quality additive in to aid cleaning the 1Z Kristallklar is ideal and for some guys where the temperature really drops we suggest the 1z Anti-Frost Washer Additive to make sure your washers do not freeze altogether when the temperature get down to the zero mark. And if you are in a cold climate the 1z Spray De-Icer is a brilliant solution for quickly melting that frost on glass, door locks or anywhere else needed. 1z is made and loved in Europe where temperatures go right down, so it will perform in any cold conditions Australia can offer.

Some more Tips for Winter Washing and Detailing: when washing try warm/hot water in both your wash and rinse buckets (and snow foam lance bottle!), it makes washing much more enjoyable and more effective for removing dirt – but still out of direct sunlight if it is a warm day though. And for the ultimate in luxury when drying the car try the SideKick or the MasterBlaster both offer beautiful, blasting warm air to dry off the car quickly and safely – and warm you up!

When leather cleaning and conditioning; put the car heater on high for 10-15 minutes first and really warm up the interior, the leather will be easier to clean and the conditioner will work better and be absorbed more readily.

From a general safety and maintenance point of view just take 5 minutes to make sure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure, your oil is filled up to max, or freshly serviced, and your battery is topped up with water (the older ones) – your car is under extra strain in colder months and breaking down on a cold, dark winter night is not nice especially is you have smaller family members in the car.

Of course if you are in Darwin or Far North QLD – carry on as normal and think of the rest of us!