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Top 10 Great Gift Ideas

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By system on Tuesday, 08 December 2015

We are getting asked every day for ideas for Christmas (and some birthdays), so here is our Top Ten rundown of the most popular and wanted gifts this year:

1. An annual favourite is the Duragloss Leather System, amazing cleaning power and a fantastic leather scent that leaves your leather looking, feeling and smelling like new. Perfect for all automotive leathers and also works miracles on the family leather lounge, especially those light or cream coloured ones!

2. The NEW Metrovac Sidekick is the must-have this year. Perfect for drying your car quickly and safely and blowing water out of every gap, thus eliminating all those streaks and drips for a 100% dry car.

3. Enthusiast Cloth Kit; we cannot make enough of these, probably because of the great value offered, you save heaps on this collection and you get everything in the range; wash mitt, drying towel, cloths, applicators, MWash and much more all packaged in a tough container to keep everything clean.

4. Very popular this summer is the new Gyeon Trim It is probably the longest lasting protection – think several months, not just weeks – for your exterior trim, plastics (and headlights) offering amazing resistance against harsh Australian conditions including a high UV resistance.

5. The New Wash Starter Kits are a great ‘start’ for any enthusiast. They provide the correct products for washing your car correctly; our famous 2 Bucket Kit with Grit Guard, together with a soft microfibre wash mitt and drying towel and your choice of brand for the wash and maintenance spray, and did we mention they are great value and the perfect present.

6. For some of the most awesome smells inside your car the Dodo Juice Air Fresheners offer cool scents and very concentrated power. In a range to compliment their best waxes and products, these will definitely make your car cool for Christmas.

7. Snow Foam Lance; mentioned again because they are still so hot, ours are made in Italy so the best quality you can buy, and on special at the moment with the free Mint Snow Foam, the best foam for regular washing.

8. CCP T-Shirts; the perfect attire for washing and detailing. Good quality T-Shirts in a range of sizes that state “Nice Swirls” or “That’ll Buff Out” make sure your man is dressed for the occasion, just don’t let him wear it to Christmas lunch.

9. Wheel Woolies; something to combat one of the worst jobs on the car, a set of 3 of the best wheel cleaning ‘brushes’ tough enough to clean off brake dust, but very soft so as not to mark or scratch, these reach into tight areas and clean all the way through the deepest rims.

10. DA-L15 Polisher; they are definitely in this year’s hottest polisher – selling very fast and turning amateurs into real car detailers. They are the next step up from the DAS6 with added power and polishing ability for professional results – fast!

That wraps up this year’s hottest car care products but remember we have over 1,400 items to choose from, and with a team of professionals here waiting to help you out with more ideas and suggestions – call or email us now…