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Great Gift Ideas for Christmas

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By system on Thursday, 26 November 2015

With less than 30 sleeps to go until the big festive day, you better start deciding on what to get that guy or girl in your life who loves cars! Here are some great gift suggestions on what to buy your loved ones – or indeed if you love your car and want something really good for your car, then tell others what you want:

Gifts for under $50

Perfect for any enthusiast or detailer that wants to clean in every possible corner or crevice, the Mint Detailing Brush Kit offers 5 high quality brushes that make cleaning switches, air vents, badges, wheel nuts and all hard-to reach places easy.

A big hit is always the Duragloss Leather Kit, it has amazing cleaning power (but 100% safe) and a fantastic leather scent that leaves your leather looking, feeling and smelling like new. Perfect for all automotive leathers and also works miracles on the family leather lounge, especially those white or cream coloured ones – and amazing value at still under $50!

Still this year’s Hottest Product has to be the CCP Ultimate Detailing Bag a HUGE high-quality bag that fits any enthusiast’s or detailer’s tools and products in to keep them safe and tidy. Perfect for storage in the car boot or garage and looks great – and we have gone crazy and it is ON SALE NOW – saving you an extra $30!

Gifts for under $100

One of our best sellers is always the Car Care Products Cloth Kits, super-amazing value from only $89.95 and a true enthusiast knows you can never have too many quality cloths! Packed into a quality storage container is a large selection from our range, complete with a guide that suggests which cloths are suited to which detailing activity.

If you have not tried it yet the Gyeon Wash Starter Kit offers a quality wash solution for enthusiasts. It features our famous 2-Bucket Wash Kit: containing a Grit Guard and 2 Aussie made solid, big buckets and stickers. And it offers a super soft microfibre mitt and waffle weave towel – but the best bit is the Gyeon Bathe Shampoo, pH neutral and free-rinsing, and the revolutionary Gyeon Wet Coat – a new spray that has active ‘SiO2 Quartz Coating’ in, this is not a regular ‘spray wax’ it offers real 3+ month protection, crazy beading and improved gloss with every quick application – simply spray on and rinse off after 2 minutes, amazing!

If you have not tried Snow Foam for your car yet, you do not know what you are missing. Using a quality Snow Foam Lance attached to your pressure washer is not only incredible fun, but it does help to reduce the chance of putting swirl marks in through the washing and drying process. Our Mint Foam Lance is made by PA in Italy and offers exceptional performance, and quality – combine with your favourite Snow Foam concentrate for a very White (and clean) Christmas

Gifts for under $200

New to Australia are the Grit Guard Twin Bucket Dolly Wash System this will make your Dad look a real pro versus the other Dads when washing his car. Load up those heavy buckets and just push them around the car effortlessly when washing (no more heavy lifting). Already set up with labelled high quality Australian buckets, he will be the envy of street with this professional setup.

They are finally here and blowing up a storm, the MetroVac Sidekick Blaster for drying cars, motorcycles, bikes and more. This USA made hand-held dryer packs a huge 1.3hp punch and delivers huge amounts of filtered warm air to blast that water from all the awkward places to dry. Say goodbye to drips from the wing mirrors, water leaking from door surrounds – this is super-portable, easy to store and works really well.

The hugely popular Dodo Juice have a luxury wax kit that contains a great Pre-Wax Cleanser, High-content Carnuaba Wax of your choice, and all the applicators and cloths needed, the Dodo Juice Two Birds Kit offers the beauty of a carnuaba wax shine for that serious enthusiast or show car guy.

Ultimate Gifts

Then for the gifts that every enthusiast dreams about:

The CCP Polisher Kits which provide a complete solution for any keen amateur to turn professional, starting at only $249.95 they provide a quality machine combined with Menzerna polish and a choice of pads that allow you to polish/correct your paint permanently – the results will amaze.

And just to create complete envy with any friends or car lovers, the King of Car Dryers is here: Metrovac Master Blaster This is a big and very powerful dryer that simply scares water! It offers 8hp with twin motors of filtered warm air to blast water out of anywhere. Wall mountable in your garage it provides ‘touch less’ drying for your car, motorcycle or bike in minutes.

Gift Vouchers

And if all else fails and you really do not know what to choose, grab a Gift Voucher the perfect solution for someone who has a good collection of products or is very fussy. Not only can they choose exactly what they want, you will usually get hours of peace while they are on our website choosing!

We hope these suggestions will inspire you, however if you are looking for personal advice for someone, then feel free to give us a call or email – we are always more than happy to help!