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Going Topless this Summer

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By system on Thursday, 26 November 2015

Summer is here and so is the increased UV, which has we know ages and destroys things quickly. One of the most delicate parts of some cars is the Convertible Roof, which is usually constructed from a canvas, fabric or vinyl material, this is obviously much less hard wearing than steel or aluminium roofs. Therefore these roofs need more attention and care than a normal hard roof to survive in our hot and humid climate.

For any Convertible Roof you should start with a deep-down clean, Stage 1: it is amazing how much dirt and debris sits in the fabric weave or the grain in the vinyl. Make sure you use a product that offers good cleaning power but is absolutely safe for such materials like 303 Tonneau & Convertible Top Cleaner. Combine this with a soft bristled brush which makes the process easier and offers more cleaning ability even for really dirty or stained roofs. The best tool is the Horse Hair Brush, which is very soft and also great for cleaning leather interiors as well.

Then onto Stage 2: the Protection – this differs depending on whether you have Fabric or Vinyl, so check first to make sure you get the right product for the job.

If you have a Vinyl Roof these can perish and crack in the sun, so extra protection is definitely required. 303 Aerospace Protectant is a good conditioner which offer added UV protection and will also add a renewed depth of colour back into the roof. Apply every 1-2 months during summer to make sure that Sun-Screen gets topped up.

Many European Convertible roofs are a Fabric/Canvas material, this can lose it’s water repelling ability and even start to go mouldy without some care and attention. 303 Fabric Guard or Gyeon Fabric Coat will renew the water repellence and seal that fabric again, making washing easy and repel not only water but dirt as well.

There are also 303 Kits: one for Fabric and on for Vinyl that offer a cleaner and protection in one box – remember Clean and Condition, one does not work well without the other and there are no shortcuts to good results.

And last but not least, is a little help for the convertible mechanism, this needs some care as well to make sure it lasts and stays in good working order. Again make sure the joints are clean and free from any dust and dirt, and then add a little lubrication, we have found 1z Ultra Spray Grease to work very well, adding lubrication but without drips you get with spray oils.

So if you invest a little money and time with a preventative clean and professional condition your convertible roof will not only look better and not squeak – it will last much longer.