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By system on Wednesday, 27 May 2015

It has been a busy few months here at CCP with a lot of new, exciting arrivals – here is a roundup of some of the new products that have come into store recently:

Starting with the hugely popular Gyeon, they have just introduced a new Snow Foam which provides great cleaning power and a nice dense foam. Their new Clay Lube is the perfect accompaniment to Gyeon Clay – the lube provides great lubrication, smells great and you can dilute it for even better value. And then you have Booster, a new coating to go over coatings – confused; this is a new ’top-coat’ that can be applied over most glass/ceramic coatings to basically ‘boost’ them – give them more durability, hydrophobicity and even gloss, another revelation in its category.

Mint ProTools have added 2 NEW Polishers to the range; 15mm orbit and 21mm orbit versions of their popular RO/DA Polishers. Both polishers offer a long handle and ‘full-tool’ feel as opposed to the short body that the DAS6 provides, and the increased orbit provides faster cutting, especially on harder paints. More information can be found in the article Which Machine Polisher is right for me? which compares the styles and sizes of polishers and hopefully aids difficult decisions. Also full details including Kits offers can be seen on our site here: Mint ProTools DA-L15 and Mint ProTools DA-L21

Dodo Juice has introduced some funky new Air Freshners; they look great and smell even better providing a Mr Skittles Berry Scent – a Rainforest Watermelon – or Mr Skittles Leather Scent. These do not completely overpower the interior like some and will compliment most dashes. Also appeared is the Chocwork Orange wax – a special edition wax that delivers a fantastic carnauba intensity especially for dark colours. 2 coats of this will provide amazing looks, super beading and make you hungry as the wax smells soooo good.

Mint have been busy with the Mint Detailing Brush Set being upgraded to all wooden handles to provide an even longer lasting product, and now are boxed for ease of storage. We also have a new super-absorbent Ultra Deluxe Drying Towel this is a new weave of microfibre that is still soft like the Waffle Weave ones but even more absorbent to dry your car faster – made in a extra-large size of 100cm x 50cm with soft suede edging.

And talking of Drying your Car we mentioned last month the introduction of MetroVac Car Blowers to Australia; The MasterBlaster is a beast, it pumps out 8hp of warm filtered air to scare water off your car, especially perfect for these winter months. Its baby brother the 4hp Vac N Blo also still offers a generous amount of nice warm air with the added flexibility of doubling as a super-strong vacuum. One of the safest ways to avoid those chamois-swirl marks.

And last but certainly not least are some new additions to the Dr Beasleys range; know for their Matte Paintwork products – they now have the Matte Paint Bike Kit, a perfect starter into their whole Matte range and enough to cover a few motorcycles, maybe even a car! Also something to take away those nasty odours; Neutra Scent which actively seeks out bad bacteria that cause odours and neutralise them, so if you have tried air freshners but the bad smell returns – grab this and zap that pong fast. Another specialist addition is the Dr Beasleys MicroSuede Cleaner and MicroSude Protection – with a lot more vehicles having these materials (alcantra, fake or micro suede textile) they need a little more care and attention than ordinary cloth or fabric, and this combination works wonderfully to carefully clean and offer ongoing protection.

As mentioned these are just some highlights from the last few months of the exciting new products we now have in store and wait for your car, here is a full list of NEW Products and as always please call or email if you have any questions or are unsure what best suits you and your car – we are here to help!