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Blow those Swirls away

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By system on Thursday, 07 May 2015

You have carefully washed your car using the 2-Bucket Method and then gently dried with our soft Mint Waffle Weave Drying Towels, only to find you still have water dropping out of the wing mirrors down the doors spoiling that perfect finish, and then you notice water dribbling from the number plates and then the light surrounds – ahh, more than irritating we would say.

The MetroVac Master Blaster is the answer, this machine scares water out of anywhere and sends it running! It has a huge 8hp of power that sends clean, filtered, warm air through the nozzle at over 58,000 feet per minute pushing water out of everywhere: the backs of wing mirrors, door and boot jams, light and numberplate surrounds, engine bays and just about every crevice that water can hide in! It will also blow water straight of large panels and wheels leaving everywhere completely dry, and because there is no contact with the paint – there is no chance of swirls being induced in the paint, another bonus. This monster Blow Dryer is perfectly safe for most surfaces, including blowing dust out of the interior, drying off your bike, boat or anything else that you want completely dry and clean.

There is also the MetroVac Vac N Blow offering the combined blow dryer and powerful vacuum, a 2in1 potential. At 4hp it still offers the ability of blowing the water out of all those crevices like its big brother the Master Blaster, just not quite as quickly – but it does offer the added benefit of a great vacuum to really clean those interiors and save space in your garage. Both of these incredible tools are new to Australia, and have been modified by the USA manufacturer to comply fully with all relevant AS/NZS safety and electrical standards – so beware of any imitations. The Vac N Blo comes with an extra mini-tool set for a limited time, and the Master Blaster comes with a Free wall mount bracket and hose bracket to compliment any detailers garage or unit.

Metrovac Air Force Master Blaster 8 HP Car Blower Dryer Australia from Car Care Products on Vimeo.

For more information see all the product details here and get in quick because these are ‘flying’ out of the door – the perfect tool for any serious enthusiast, show car owner or professional detailer.