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Does your Inside sometimes gets Overlooked?

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By system on Tuesday, 31 March 2015

In the quest for ultra-shiny paint, super clean wheels and perfectly dressed tyres and trim – we sometimes overlook the interior of our cars – or are you just worn out by then! So here is an article to inspire you to give your car as much love on the inside as the outside.

Most interior trim (dashboards, consoles, door trims, seats, etc) consists of a combination of plastic, rubber, vinyl, leather, and of course upholstery (fabrics) – some of us even have alcantara/suede or a mix of a few substrates together. All of these do need regular maintenance to keep that ‘as new’ look and finish, and to have a sparkling clean interior as well.

For Trim; our favourite is 1Z Cockpit Premium – with added light Protection and good cleaning ability, Cockpit Premium will remove any dirt, dust and fingerprints from your trims leaving them with a completely natural or what we like to call ‘factory-like’ finish. Just a quick spray on a microfibre cloth, and a light wipe over is really all you need. We do find that it tends to repel dust quite well also and works exceptionally well in European models and textured finishes. Best of all, unlike many other products, Cockpit is water-based and not silicone based – which also means no ‘glare’ as your dashboard is not shiny and glowing in the sunlight! This is also safe for LCD screens and instrument clusters (handy to remove fingerprints from those touch screens!).

For heavier and more stubborn marks such as the bottom of those doors, really dirty door handles, or the kick panels where you get in and out – we would suggest 1Z Deep Plastic Cleaner. You would be surprised how much dirt is embedded in the vinyl/plastic pores of your trim. Especially handy for those family cars!

For Leather Seats and Leather Trim; ideally you should be cleaning and conditioning your leather on a regular basis – maybe every 3-4 months for daily drivers, this will keep your leather looking good year-round and more importantly help against premature aging and cracking. Inevitably dirt, sweat, body oils, transfer of dye (jeans especially) and other contaminants will cause your seats to become dirty over time – which is sometimes hard to actually see on dark leathers. However your leather seats should always be a nice matte / satin finish, so if they are starting to get a little shiny, then it is usually because they are due for a clean and condition.

Firstly you need to clean the leather to remove not only the dust or grime you can see, but the dirt that is embedded in the pores and grain of the surface. This can be done with nearly any of our range of Leather Cleaners combined with either a nice soft Microfibre cloth or for more intense cleaning power, perhaps a soft bristled Leather Brush. Then just like your skin, the leather needs to be nourished and protected. Our range of Leather Conditioners can feed and moisturise your leather, adding essential oils to keep it supple and protect against drying and cracking.

Our favourites include, Duragloss Leather Kit, Dodo Supernatural Leather Cleaner and 1Z Leather Care – all these will work well on genuine leather (inc perforated seating), synthetics (leatherette) and leave that ‘factory finish’ we always mention including a natural leather scent into your car.

If your car leather is subject to ‘family wear’ you can always “Seal” your leather to help prevent dye transfer, spillage and stains with Nanolex Leather & Textile Sealant, Gyeon Leather Coat or Supernatural Leather Sealant.

With any combination of these products, you can hopefully revive a tired interior and maintain it for years to come – keeping your car “as new” until you get the next project to detail…. and it starts all over again!