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By system on Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Rupes has been a major player in revolutionising the Polisher market over the last few years with the introduction of their Bigfoot RO machines with their Italian design and quality. It all started with the LHR21E Bigfoot 21mm with the super-large throw that offered very effective polishing ability from a Random Orbital machine. Then came along the LHR15E Bigfoot ‘Detailing’ which offered a nice balance of a large orbit size 15mm, but the increased ability on curves and contours over the 21 machine.

Then the ‘family’ really grew with the addition of the LHR12E Duetto 12mm and the LHR75E Mini Polisher. The Duetto offers a more precise, shorter machine for good all-round polishing, with the possibility of polishing even closer to edges and in corners due to the 12mm orbit. And for that specialised machine the 75 Mini offers small pads of 80/100mm which can polish in all those intricate areas that the larger polishers simply cannot reach, a fantastic tool.

The full range of Rupes Polishers is now available in complete Kits with pads, polish and bags – or as standalone Machines only.

Coupled with the new UHS pads and UHS polish that boasts the capacity to polish ‘hard paints’ with medium cut level but offers the high gloss of a finishing polish – Rupes are leading a polishing revolution with some great new machines and products.

And for finding all those nasty swirls to polish out, the new Rupes LED Pen Light is excellent. A slimline, super powerful torch that you can focus the beam to pick up swirls in all light conditions. Good for inspecting car paint first to see what you are dealing with, or brilliant for checking your polishing work as you go to make sure you are defeating all those Swirl Marks!

Feel free to have a look through the all-new Rupes range or please give us a call to discuss which Polisher would be perfect for your needs…