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By system on Thursday, 28 August 2014

There has been lots going on here at CCP over the last few months, and while we have mentioned some of the big New Releases like the exciting new GYEON Brand for example, here is a run down on some of the hottest new items in store.

First up has to be the Ultimate Detailing Bag, it is bag’tastic! This is the perfect bag to store all your Car Care gear in, it is made from very tough padded material and has more space inside than the Tardis (Doctor Who). With over 8 compartments for bottles, a section to put your clay box, mesh pockets to hold your cloths and towels, elasticated loops to hold your brushes, a velcro tie-down for polishing machines, and more pockets on the outside – it is the perfect bag for any Car Enthusiast or Professional Detailer, keep it loaded in your garage or with a smaller kit in your boot.

The hottest item in store at the moment are our new Deluxe Polisher Kits; with 2 options of DAS6 Deluxe Polisher Kit or the DAS6-Pro Deluxe Polisher Kit – these new super kits feature our New Ultimate Detailing Bag as above which is a collector’s item in itself, allowing all your polishing gear to be stored in one very smart bag, and with even more value added in the kits with extra cloths, tape and cleanser – it really is a Deluxe Polisher Kit

Our Mint Detailing Brush Kit was always good but the new Mint Brush Kit just got better! There is still a range of 5 brushes offering you detailing ability in any sized space, but now the brushes are made from a tough wooden handle to offer even more durability and strength. Every brush still has super soft bristles and a plastic head, to avoid any chance of marking – and now the Kit is boxed very nicely to keep all your brushes together.

We have a new Lambswool Washmitt and it is BIG. The Mint Uber Luxury Lambswool Wash Mitt is super soft and made from the finest Australian Merino Wool. At over 25cm x 25cm this mitt is big and holds a lot of water. Not for the faint-hearted but this new Mitt offers super long natural fibres to safely take the dirt away from your paint surface when washing.

And in the last release form the great guys at Dodo Juice we now have a specialist wax Obi Dan Karnuba Chocwork Wax, it might sound like a bit of fun, and it is, but it is also a fantastic wax offering great shine and gloss with lots of lovely carnauba inside – but only for a limited time. Also new is the Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller, a great Decontamination spray that like the new family of ‘colour-change’ products offers amazing cleaning power against brake dust and also ferrous contamination on paintwork before claying. And lastly Dodo Juice Supernatural Ferro Clay Lube, which offers the benefits of the iron removal but in the convenience of a clay lube, so it delivers a 2in1 solution for all the contamination busters out there.

That is about it for now but please check out our New Products section fully and watch this space there are some really new and exciting products going to be arriving in the next couple of months.