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Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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By system on Thursday, 28 August 2014

What do you get the Father who has everything and loves cars? We have put together some great Gift Ideas to inspire you to find a really great gift for your Dad.

The hottest item in store at the moment are our new Deluxe Polisher Kits; with 2 options of DAS6 Deluxe Polisher Kit or the DAS6-Pro Deluxe Polisher Kit – these new super kits feature our New Ultimate Detailing Bag which is a collector’s item in itself, allowing all your polishing gear to be stored in one very smart bag. And a long term favourite is the DAS6 RO Polisher; at just $179.95 these are still hugely popular giving your Dad the chance to you the professionals and start polishing his own car.

If you know Car Care then you will know the Swissvax brand, exclusive and top end, however we have some Swissvax Discovery Kits starting at just $199 These kits offer a choice of an exclusive Swisswax wax of either Onyx, Mirage or Concorsoand come with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid regular and medium to prepare your paint, all the applicators and clothes to use and a Swissvax Nano Express Spray. These Kits offer a taste of the Swissvax brand for a very reasonable price.

Our CCP Enthusiast’s Cloth Kits is now even better value than ever and has some extra goodies as mentioned in our Specials. And every enthusiast knows you can never have too many quality microfibre cloths and applicators, they make the whole job easier and quicker! So refresh your microfibre today and try our new range.

For the starter in Car Care you cannot go wrong with the Complete Essentials Kit, this gives you a comprehensive range of products to wash and clean both inside and out, and they are all presented in a handy carry bag – the perfect start for correctly washing and maintaining your car.

And lastly a Gift Voucher may not sound exciting but provide the perfect solution for someone who already has a good collection of products or is very fussy. Not only can they choose exactly what they want, you will usually get hours of peace while they are on our website choosing!

Finally Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there – and we hope you have some time on your day to spend loving your car!