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Prepare your Car for the Holidays

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By system on Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The holidays are nearly here and a lot of you will be heading off for road trips, as well as preparing yourself you should prepare your car – in under an hour you can have it ready to survive the holiday journeys whether long or short!

Give it a wash, yes this might seem obvious or perhaps daft if you are thinking of driving 1,000kms next week – but a quick wash with an added spray wax/seal booster will add a layer of valuable protection that will the repel dirt and contamination making it much easier to wash after the journey and offering much better protected against insect debris and bird bombs, which can be destructive to paint. For something very quick and easy we would suggest Duragloss Aquawax or Dodo Juice Acrylic Spritz or Einszett 1Z Spray Wax – all offer instant results and great protection.

If you are heading on a long road trip then you might need even more protection, if your car is going to get battered by insects, dust and sun over hundreds or thousands of kms before the next detail, we would suggest the ultimate in quick spray on protection is Wolfs Mask. This is a temporary ‘film’ that can easily be sprayed onto a clean car, it dries clear within minutes and can be removed with a high pressure cleaner at the end of your journey. It is ideal for your front bar, bonnet, headlights, wing mirrors; basically all the areas that are going to get hammered. It makes après-road trip clean-up really easy!

There is nothing worse than trying to see out of a dirty windscreen, especially when the summer sun is glaring through, it is virtually impossible to see and very dangerous. Get yourself a good glass cleaner like Stoners Invisible Glass, 2 microfibre cloths and transform it in seconds, this will remove not only the general dirt, but also that horrid film that builds up and can block your vision entirely. Use 1 cloth with the cleaner and a separate cloth to ensure it is crystal clear. If your glass needs a little extra love then Duragloss Nu Glass will really revive it removing old stains and watermarks and completely renewing your windscreen, windows and even side mirrors.

Then for your journeys make sure you have your washer reservoir is filled with a good additive like 1Z Kristallklar Windscreen Washer Additive, a couple of sprays will remove all those insects and traffic film easily leaving your windscreen clear for the next 100kms Einszett 1Z is particularly good because it is amazingly concentrated, has super cleaning power, does not contain ammonia to strip your wax, and does not streak at all – brilliant stuff.

So in under an hour you should have a clean, protected car that is going to stand up to the road trip a lot better than before, be easier to clean when you arrive and safer to drive through the journey, and don’t forget to check those tyre pressures, battery and coolant levels when you fill up before you head off.

Most importantly drive carefully, rest well and stay safe during the holiday period.