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By system on Tuesday, 10 December 2013

We are still getting asked every day for ideas for Christmas, so here is our Top Ten rundown of the most popular and wanted gifts this year:

1. CCP 2 Buckets and Grit Guard Combo; an essential to wash your car correctly. Strong Aussie made buckets with the legendary Grit Guard insert, tough and great for storing your washing gear in.

2. Wheel Woolies; a set of 3 of the best wheel cleaning ‘brushes’ very tough to clean off brake dust but very soft so not to mark or scratch, these reach into tight areas and clean all the way through the deepest rims.

3. Dodo Juice Chocwork Orange Wax; the latest wax from Dodo Juice and boy is it good. High Carnauba content ensures ultimate gloss and shine on all colours, and it smells like chocolate orange – tempting.

4. CCP T-Shirt; the perfect attire for washing and detailing. Good quality T-Shirts in a range of sizes that state “Nice Swirls” or “That’ll Buff Out” make sure your man is dressed for the occasion, just don’t let him wear it to Christmas lunch.

5. Snow Foam Lance; mentioned again because they are hot, hot, hot this year… ours are made in Italy so the best quality you can buy, and on special at the moment with the free Mint Snow Foam, the best foam for cleaning.

6. Nanolex Washcoat: a remarkable new ‘sealant’ that you apply to your car through the foam lance. You can actually hear it working, and after 5 minutes you can see if working, repelling water and adding shine – this is one of the fastest ways to wax your car.

7. Mint Detailing Brush Kit; an awesome set of 5 brushes that will clean and detail into every area possible. Tough enough to use on rims, soft enough to use on the interior, a must for every avid detailer.

8. CCP Enthusiast Cloth Kit; popular every day because of the value offered, you save heaps on this combination but you get everything; wash mitt, drying towels, cloths, applicators, MWash and much more….

9. P21s Complete Detailing Kit; this offers a great selection of premium products for a great price, it is packaged nicely so all round a perfect gift to put under the tree.

10. DAS6 and DAS6-Pro; they are definitely this year’s hottest items selling very fast and turning amateurs into real car detailers. These safe easy-to-use polishers are Australia’s favourite, backed by CCP’s 2 year warranty and offered into ready to use kits with pads and polish.

That wraps up this year’s hottest car care products but remember we have over 1,200 items to choose from, and with a team of professionals here waiting to help you out with more ideas and suggestions – call us now…