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Get your car ready for Summer

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By system on Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Summer is here, you are looking to drop that winter excess and get in shape for the beach and outdoor living – and your car deserves the same. Here are a few tips and ideas on giving your car a summer makeover and making it look the best it can!

Firstly there is that stale smell from the Air Con now you are using it to cool instead of heat. 1z Einszett Air Con Products have 2 easy answers. The first 1z Air Con Sanitizer ETU (Easy to Use) – this is an anti-bacterial cleaner that you put near the intake of the aircon system and run through for 10 minutes, it goes to straight work to eliminate those bad smells and freshen up the system. Then you have the 1z Air Conditioner Treatment, which is a spray can that comes with a tube which is inserted into the centre ac vents to reach the evaporator coil to flush out bacteria and germs via the drain tube. You can try either or combine both to give your air con system a real blast, so you can smell fresh air.

Next your leather; it might not have seen some loving for a while, so now is the perfect time for a good clean and condition before the harsh UV rays of summer can do any more damage. A kit like the Duragloss Leather Kit or the Swissvax Leather Kit is perfect for newer leathers and offers a complete solution from cleaning thoroughly to remove any winter dirt and grime, to refreshing the leather and providing an ongoing condition to keep it soft and supple. For older leathers (10+ years)that require more ‘feeding’ to restore the softness then a good drink of Leatherique will bring back some condition and again help prevent against ‘drying out’ during the hotter summer months. Even though modern leathers are technologically advanced these days with coatings, backings and stabilisers – they still need some love and care to remain in a good condition. And if protection is more of what you are looking for then Nanolex Leather and Textile Sealant offers great protection for leather, especially on lighter colours against UV and even factors such as ‘dye transfer’ from jeans which is very hard to remove after the fact.

And lastly but not least is the exterior; if it has been over 6 months since your last detail or wax, your car could be in need of a good clay and re-wax/re-seal. The summer brings a lot of dust and a lot of rain sometimes, both tough conditions for your paint to survive and still look good. Always check to see if your paint is smooth and silky, if not it needs a clay the Mint Clay and Lube is a value for money option or if you are looking for the best the Dodo Clay and Lube is fantastic. Then it is important for a good coat of Wax, Sealant or even a long-lasting coating. There are many options here but go for your favourite and if you are feeling generous maybe 2 coats, so that road dust washes off more easily or those down pours of rain simply sheet off, giving your car a rinse at the same time. A good wax or sealant offers good protection – something that is needed in our Australian climate.

If you need any more information on the subjects above, or would like a personal prescription of products that might suit you and your car best, please feel free to call or email at any time.

Enjoy the summer!