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By system on Monday, 14 October 2013

What more new products I hear you say, well yes. We have added some really new technology products over the last month and are proud to announce them:

Automotive Clay comes in a small bar, doesn’t it? Well now there are Clay Mitts and Clay Cloths which bring a new dimension to claying your car. Don’t worry there is nothing wrong with the tried and trusted clay bar, but these new Mitts and Cloths allow for a quicker process because of the increased surface area. They still need to be used with a quality lube and they are probably not quite as gentle, especially on soft paints, as fine grade clay, but they do take contamination off the paintwork fast.

You already have Microfibre cloths, wash mitts, drying towels and applicators that work really well because of the advanced fibre technology that allows these products to perform. But now they have developed some Microfibre Polishing Pads for use on your DAS6 RO Polisher. There is a Microfibre Cutting Pad which has some real bite to remove swirls, and a Microfibre Finishing Pad to develop that gloss. Both are ideally suited to RO machines like the DAS6 and come in 5.5” and 6.5” sizes to suit your current backing plate. These pads bring a different dimension to your RO polisher and can complement the standard foam polishing pads.

Another advance in technology is the new Dodo Juice Supernatural Leather Cleaner and Supernatural Leather Sealant. We have been asking this premium UK brand for some leather products for quite a while and as usual they will only release a new product, after masses of testing and once they feel it competes with the best in the market. The Leather Cleaner has a powerful cleansing action but is very gentle on leather, making sure it does not strip any of the natural properties. The Leather Sealant is quite different to typical leather creams and balms, this is design to repel dirt and liquids to protect leather from the daily duress, but still ‘condition’ it helping against wrinkling. Both can be used on all quality leather including your best leather shoes! As with all things Dodo Juice; think revolutionary performance that challenges the status quo, you will be impressed.

And sorry to say; watch this space – more new goodies coming soon!