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How to care for Matte Paint and Wrap?

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By system on Friday, 21 June 2013

They look cool and are becoming very popular but do you know how to care for Matte Paint and Wrap? It used to be reserved for the likes of Lamborghini, BMW or Mercedes but now more manufacturers are offering Matte Paint choices for their vehicles, like Hyundai and Harley Davidson on motorbikes.

There are a lot of rumours out there concerning ‘How to Care for your Matte Paint or Matte Vinyl Wrap’ so let’s answer those first:

- You can use any car care on Matte Paint /Wrap – WRONG. Most car care contains gloss enhancing agents that will make your nice matte finish shiny and patchy. This includes quick detailers, most shampoos and especially wash & wax combos.

- You can Polish your Matte Paint/Wrap – WRONG. The ‘matte’ is created in the outer most surface so anything with abrasives in will flatten the matte finish making it glossy and destroying the matte.

- You can Wax your Matte Paint/Wrap – WRONG. Well with at least 99% of waxes on the market containing oils and gloss enhancers, these waxes will ‘fill’ the matte surface and make it patchy and uneven, in the worst cases or after a couple of coats regular waxes will make your matte turn glossy.

- Matte Paint/Wrap does not scratch – WRONG. This type of paint and wrap scratches just as easily as most but the difference is you cannot correct (polish/buff out) the scratches or marks! So use the 2-Bucket Method to wash your car with a super soft mitt and drying towel. Do not go near automatic or even hand car washes, they will mark your paint/wrap. Ensure it is protected well so dirt and contamination will be easier to remove.

- You do not have to protect your Matte Paint/Wrap – WRONG. Matte paint is probably more susceptible to damage from the environment like water spotting from rain, and Matte vinyl is even weaker again so both definitely need some protection from the daily elements to keep them looking good.

So what can you use; the latest offering in this matte market is from Nanolex and specifically designed for the protection and care of Matte Paints and Wrap. Being German they have been testing and perfecting their range for several months, even to the point of trialling on the Frozen PPG paints at a BMW facility in Germany. They offer a complete range; firstly protection – you can either use the Matte Spray Sealant for a fast fix or the Matte Professional Sealant for long term protection. Before applying either it is suggested to use the Matte Surface Cleaner to properly prepare the paint or wrap. Then for washing the Matte Wash Shampoo is pH balanced, free rinsing but adds zero gloss or shine. Matte Final Finish is a great quick detailer, it removes light dust, stubborn finger prints and even most water spots to renew that perfect matte finish. And for the easy solution look into the Nanolex Matte Kits which provide a complete solution.

In addition you have the Dr Beasley’s Matte Paint Care, featuring a similar line up in products to Nanolex with a specific wash, sealant and quick detailer to maintain matte paints and wraps – this is manufactured in the US and very popular with a lot of Hyundai owners over there.

And finally as mentioned above your Matte Paint/Wrap does need to be washed correctly because wash/swirl marks cannot be polished so make sure you use the 2-Bucket Method, a soft mitt and super soft drying towel to ensure you do not damage your paint.

We have detailed and are experienced with Matte finishes, so if you have any questions or want more information please call or email at any time and we will be happy to help and answer any of your Matte questions…