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A Car for a Dictator?

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By system on Tuesday, 20 November 2012

For the wealthy businessman likely to encounter the odd volley of gunfire in the course of their daily dealings, there are few cars better than a custom-built SUV from Dartz.

With a penchant for imaginative designs and a smattering of bulletproof armour thrown in, there are some downright wacky 4×4s in their range. The Prombron is the firm’s bread and butter, available in a few levels of refinement, or should we say armour. The entry-level model boasts a 360hp 6.0-litre diesel V8, then you have the 3,550kg Pro B2 protection level, enough to ward off the annoyance of an assailant and the pitter-patter of .357 Magnum revolver bullets on its Kevlar bodywork.

There are two more grades, which add armour and bulletproof glass that’ll repel an AK-47 or the full-on HiProS defensive body. The latter uses a double steel-skinned shell with a ‘metal-ceramic sandwich with cellular filler’ and will brush off an attack from a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) or a troublesome landmine with ease.

But you have never heard of Dartz? They have actually been around for 100 years making, tuning or styling cars in Latvia. They made the Kombat Gold Aladeen Edition, which was used in Sacha Baron Cohen’s recent film The Dictator. Based on the Prombron Station Wagon, its interior has a special snakeskin covering made at a former Soviet Union space factory! That is not the most lavish or out-there material you can have your car’s cabin trimmed in, however Dartz is famous for offering leather made from a male whale’s genitalia.

And just for the Chinese in celebration of the year of the Snake, beginning in February 2013, Dartz is releasing its Bentley Continental GT SS, standing for Snake Skin. First revealed in 2010, the British GT car has been enrobed in a white snakeskin print vinyl wrap, that continues inside too, and will be available to taste-devoid buyers next year.