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Pebble Beach Concours

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By system on Friday, 24 August 2012

Jay Leno said: “It’s the greatest car show on earth.” There is a lot of history behind the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in fact this is now its 62nd year.

Unlike most other car shows, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is not something the owner of a pristine classic car enters, it something one is invited to attend and must get approval from the committee to even be considered. Set in what is an amazing location, and would horrify golf fans, on the 18th fairway of the famous Pebble Beach Golf Course.

As with Wimbledon or Royal Ascot, it is all about the ceremony, and that is exactly what makes the Concours what it is — the cream of automobile car shows and the reason there were cars from Europe, Argentina, India and other remote parts of the world. In fact the event showcased 220 cars from 15 countries and raised $1,077,220 for charity.

There is one overall winner, Best of Show, which this year was a 1928 Mercedes-Benz 680S Saoutchik Torpedo, but this must come from the many divisional winners. However there were some other outstanding cars; a 1948 Norman Timbs Emil Diedt Roadster was a crowd favourite, as beneath the exaggerated body sits a tubular monocoque and a Buick straight eight capable of propelling it to a top speed of 190 kilometres an hour.

As well as vintage models, a number of manufacturers take the opportunity to show off their new creations, some for the road; the stunning Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and others as a concept only; the futuristic McLaren X-1 and revolutionary Infiniti Emerg-E.