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Garages of your dreams…

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By system on Thursday, 07 June 2012

Ok we all love cars and if we won the lotto, we would probably be buying a dream car or two to put in the garage. Well these guys are a little ahead of us in the garage stakes:

Jerry Seinfield has a passion for Porsche and has several in his collection. Starting with a fairly rare 959, his collection includes several antique 911s, about ten Boxsters and a Porsche 550 Spyder (the same model James Dean died in). Originally he rented an airplane hangar at Santa Monica Airport to store them in but in 2004, he built a $1.4 million private garage to house his collection. It is rumoured that each car in his collection is painted a different colour.

For class and rarity, one name springs to mind; Ralph Lauren. Lauren is now known as having one of the most exclusive, expansive and expensive car collections in the world. He owns one of the five McLarenF1LMs ever made, which helped attach his name to serious car. The McLaren is known as one of the naturally fast cars on the road, and comes with a speed racier than any runway model’s legs—225 miles per hour. He topped off his collection with a few dozen other collector and antique cars and houses them at his New York estate. In May of 2011, a few of Lauren’s cars were put on an exhibit in Paris, where he shared cars like his 1929 Bentley Blower and 1930 Mercedes-Benz SSK.

One of the most dedicated and famous car collectors in the world is Jay Leno. His garage holds a list of antique cars, collector cars, motorcycles, aircrafts, and even steam cars. The collection includes a McLarens, Duessenbergs, Paginis, Ferraris, and many more. He has ‘collections’ of individual models and types the way some collect stamps. Overall, he owns over 100 vehicles, 90 motorcycles, and then a number of other ‘special’ items like fixed engines in a garage that spans 17,000 square feet

However the largest collection by far belongs to the Sultan of Brunei. He is the richest man on earth, and is not counted on rich lists because he does not ‘earn’ his money, it comes from his tiny country’s huge oil reserves which are basically his. So if money was no object what would you buy; a Jaguar or perhaps 177 Jaguars, how about 367 Ferraris, and over 500 Rolls Royce. But it is not just quantity he also likes something a bit more exotic such as Bentley Dominator 4X4 and the Bentley Java, Ferrari FX (6) the world’s only right hand drive Merc CLX-GTR. This is combined with every F1 car that was driven by a World Champion since 1980! As with his wealth, no-one knows the true number of cars in his collection but it is rumoured at over 5,000 cars – that is one BIG garage…