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Clay Cleansing

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By system on Friday, 30 April 2010

When contaminants get a solid grip on your car’s paint, washing alone may not be enough to remove them. They maybe too small to see but you should be able to feel them with your fingertips, so if you run your hand across the paint work after washing and it still feels a little rough – it is time for a clay.

A quality detailing clay will work wonders to remove built up contamination and grime such as tree sap, jet-fuel dropout, tar, overspray, bug residue and much more.

Without silky smooth paintwork it is pointless polishing or waxing your car because these products cannot bond with your paint if the contamination is in the way, in fact you can actually cause swirls or marring by rubbing the particulate into your paint.

‘Claying’ your car is easy, quick and will produce a fantastic finish for you to then apply a good wax or sealant to protect it, you should also find that the wax or sealant lasts longer! Still not sure on claying – see here for How To Clay Your Car.

For a premium quality clay bar, Dodo Juice Gentle Grey is up there with the best, at 200 grams it offers fantastic value because it is over twice that of most off-the-shelf ones! A good clay should be partnered a good lube and Dodo Born Slippy is one of the few pure clay lubes, and the other big plus is that this 250ml of Concentrate actual makes up 2.5 litres of premium lube, so again really good value.

A cheaper option to start with is the Mint Grey Clay which is also combined with a good lube in the perfect economy Clay Kit . This Clay is made in the USA and still works effectively on your paintwork, it just saves you dollars.

So before you go to wax or polish your car next time, feel the paint and think clay, generally most daily driven cars need it every 12 months.