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Pure Pad'ness

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By system on Thursday, 22 October 2009

The technology behind foam is advancing and with it our range of Foam Polishing/Buffing Pads.

There are now foam pads that are very firm and can cut as hard as wool, right through to super fine foam that can finish the softest of paints to perfection. With every size option and design type, we will have pad to suit nearly any machine: Rotary, Forced Rotation or Random Orbital.

Firstly the range of Edge Buffing Pads offers a variety of options; from yellow cutting through to white final finishing. These offer a good quality pad for a really good price in the 6" range, to suit RO or Rotary. There is also a professional range of 8" pads in both single and double sided, which are for Rotary machines only, and the later offer a quick release system for easy interchange.

The Lake Country range offers a wide range of sizes and variety. The CCS pads come in a 6.5" size for regular polishing and a 4" size for all those hard-to-reach spots, both comprising from heavy cutting to super soft, final finishing. The Kompressor Pads are a new option from Lake Country that offer a ‘slotted’ surface which is designed to follow the contours of your car more closely, available in a 7" size to fit a standard 6" backing plate.

In addition to this Festool have a fantastic range of European foam pads that offer the same German quality as there legendary tools. They have also released their Honeycomb Pads which offer some of the best finishing results ever. Their contoured surface will remove minor defects such as light swirls or holograms leaving a perfect shine behind, these can be used with every machine type. Available in 6" and 8" these pads offer exceptional quality and durability.

To care for your foam pads: at the end of the day or after every use, simply soak in warm water with a liquid detergent, then wash through by hand or machine on warm, using a liquid detergent, such as MWash, but NO fabric conditioner. They should come up like new and be ready for the next polishing session.

With so many combinations, if you are stuck on which pad to use for what job or which pad suits your machine then please feel free to call or email and we can make sure you have the right one for your needs.