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Polished to Perfection

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By system on Thursday, 22 October 2009

Polishing your car can be hard work, especially when doing it by hand. And do you notice that after just a few washes or weeks, your car can look no better than before with some swirls and marks reappearing again? This is because many off-the-shelf polishes out there only polish lightly (actually removing the swirls and scratches) but ‘fill’ quite heavily (hiding the swirls and scratches) thus once the fillers wash or wear away, then the same marks and swirls come back

So if you are going to invest the time in polishing your car, why not do it properly and remove those swirls, scratches or oxidation permanently? To do this by hand requires a lot of elbow grease, however the DAS6 Random Orbital Polisher will allow you to achieve great results easily, that are going to last.

The Mint DAS6 machine is designed for the enthusiast or beginner, it is very easy to use and completely safe for your paintwork. Unlike rotary polishers, which take experience to use, it has a random orbital (dual action) motion that safely works the polish over the paint surface, and if using a quality polish like Menzerna, will remove the marks / swirls and scratches permanently. If used with a quality foam pad the RO/DA motion will not induce ‘buffer trials’ or ‘swirling marks’ that you often see after a car is ‘buffed’ by someone inexperienced with a rotary machine.

So if you want perfection that is going to last, why not try the Mint DAS6 RO Enthusiast Kit which has everything you need to transform your paintwork and make it really glow.

It really is easy and we have provided a guide and video for those who are unsure – Machine Polishing to achieve Paint Correction. Or you can come along to one of our Detailing Clinics and learn from the pro’s before you buy.