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Let it Shine

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By system on Wednesday, 05 August 2009

You have spent hours washing, claying, polishing and detailing your car and the shine is amazing, like nothing you have ever seen, your aching arms and sore back all seem worth it now – but how do you keep it looking this way?

Well only a small amount of effort should now be needed on a regular basis to make sure it does not loose the shine, protection and overall looks.

Firstly and obviously a regular wash, using the two bucket method, to carefully remove any dirt and dust. Following the final rinse, this is where the difference can be made.

To increase the protection and shine you could use a spray wax such as Duragloss Aquawax before drying with a waffle weave drying towel, this offers a perfect boost and takes no more than an extra minute in the drying process. If you experience slight marking or marring through the drying process then maybe Time To Dry can offer assistance, this will provide bead busting action and break down water tension. It is a drying aid that is again sprayed on after your final rinse and will offer extra lubrication when drying off your car.

For those of you who like to wash and dry the car and then want something a little extra afterwards, a Protection Quick Detailer is the way to go. These can be applied easily with a soft microfibre cloth and just a couple of sprays per panel: Red Mist, Fast Clean & Shine and Zaino Z8 are Protection Quick Detailers that not only offer a gloss enhancement but also extra protection over the wax or sealant layer your car is already wearing, increasing the overall durability.

And if you are simply looking for a quick gloss boost, to clean up those drips from the wing mirrors, or to remove a light settling of dust, a regular Quick Detailer like Zaino Z6 or Optimum Instant Detailer will offer a quick solution.

So with a minimum of time and effort you can insure that your finish stays shiner for longer and that big all-day detail does not need to occur quite as often.