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By system on Wednesday, 05 August 2009

Sometimes after washing or waxing your pride and joy, you just pop her back in the garage to keep that shine.

So why not protect that shine whether indoors or out, we offer a range of quality car covers to protect your car from the elements including dust, dirt, rain, hail or shine…

The Show Car Cover is the perfect cover if you are looking to protect your car from dust whilst inside the garage. It is made from a high quality fabric that is slightly stretchable and is lined with a soft plush backing material that is non-abrasive and ultra soft. Available in Blue and Red – we cater for both tastes!

If you are looking for great protection from the elements outside, with a strong waterproof outer covering to protect, and a quality soft fleece lining to ensure it does not scratch your paint the Premium Stormguard and Prestige Car Covers are the answer. Complete with anti-condensation breathers and security straps these covers are great for cars outside needing protection from UV, rain, tree sap, bird droppings and general pollution. Both of these covers offer a wide range of sizes from Small to XXXL and 4WD, to suit most vehicles and with specialist shape covers for Utes as well, we can find a cover to suit.

For those that are concerned about extreme weather then the Hail Shield cover offers ultimate protection for the top/upward facing surfaces of your car. These sections are made from a 6mm EPE protective material that is designed to absorb impact whilst still offering a waterproof cover for the whole car. Security straps and an elastic helm make sure it won’t blow away and with this level of protection you can have the peace of mind your car is covered against all the elements.

So if you want a quality cover to protect your pride and joy look no further…