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Durable Duragloss

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By system on Thursday, 12 February 2009

Looking for some long lasting protection against the elements, then maybe Duragloss has the answer. Duragloss produce a range of polishes and sealants that contain advanced synthetic polymers, these hi-tech products produce a super tough coating to protect your paint against the elements.

The 101 Polish & Cleaner, the 111 Clear Coat Polish and the 105 Total Performance Polishall offer exceptional protection against tree sap, bug residue and bird droppings. To extend the durability of these polish/sealants apply 601 Polish Bonding Agent first to clean paintwork, it will prepare the surface and chemically bond to the synthetic technology of the polishes extending their life even further. In fact for the easiest solution, we have bundled together everything you need in the Duragloss Paint Protection Pack.

Duragloss also produce a full range of products that produce spectacular results for specialist areas of your car including Tyre Dressing, All Purpose Cleaner, Bug Remover and Leather Shampoo and Conditioner.

For the annoying issue of trying to remove those white polish or wax residues from trim why not try Wax Eraser, designed to remove these marks easily.

And for ongoing protection the Aquawax can be applied to your car after rinsing to add increased protection in minutes. The Fast Clean & Shine is an amazing product, it is like a Quick Detailer that boosts gloss and shine but again it bonds to the polish or wax and increases protection as well.

The Duragloss range offers great protection and products at a very affordable price.