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Polish Pads

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By system on Tuesday, 11 November 2008

If you are looking to correct paint defects such as swirls or light scratches you will need the best pads and polish to achieve that perfect gloss mirror shine.

Wool pads used to be the norm for buffing paintwork and they do still have a small place but now with the advancements in foam technology there are a range of pads that we deliver great results quickly and easily.

The range of Edge Buffing Pads offers a variety of options; from yellow ‘cutting’ through to white ‘final finishing’. These are available in 6" which are suitable for most machines including Random Orbital, Flex and Rotary and simply stick on via a Velcro backing. The same range of single-sided pads is also offered in 8" and then there is the 8" double sided, which are for Rotary machines only and offer a quick release system for easy interchange. A good accessory when buffing is the Pad Conditioning Brush that will remove an overload of polish or dried polish and allow the pad to continue working well.

In addition to this Festool have a fantastic range of 6" pads that offer the same German quality as there legendary tools. They have also released their Honeycomb Pads which offer some of the best finishing results ever. The contoured surface will remove minor defects such as light swirls or holograms leaving a perfect shine behind, these can be used with every machine type.

As for caring for these foam pads, simply soak in warm water with a detergent then wash through by hand or machine on warm, using normal detergent but NO fabric conditioner. They should come up like new and be ready for the next time or car.