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By system on Monday, 29 September 2008

Do you know the full history of the paint on your car?

When trying to correct scratches, swirls and paint defects with an abrasive polish the idea is to remove a fine layer of the paint or clear coat to refinish the paint. However do you know how much paint you have to work with?

We have seen fairly new cars with not much paint on and we have also seen patches where enthusiasts have been a little enthusiastic and run out of paint to reveal primer. So before you gave the buffing machine or the abrasive polish it is a wise precaution to reach for the Paint Thickness Gauge first.

This amazing piece of technology will read the thickness of paint on the car in either microns or millimetres and let you know whether it is safe to remove any more. Complete with a carrying pouch and calibration foils to ensure ongoing accuracy it is the must-have tool in any detailer’s or enthusiast’s kit

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