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Silky Smooth

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By system on Monday, 29 September 2008

Ever felt your paint work after washing and thought that feels a little rough? Have you got tiny spots on the paint (or glass) that refuse to be washed off?

Then the answer is clay! A good quality detailing clay will work wonders to remove built up contamination and grime such as road tar, tree sap, overspray and bug residue and much more.

And without silky smooth paintwork it is pointless polishing or waxing your car because these products cannot bond with your paint if the contamination is in the way. ‘Claying’ your car is easy, quick and will produce a fantastic finish for you to then apply a good wax to protect it.

The new Clay Bar from Dodo Juice has just arrived and it is great, coupled with a good lube in the Clay Pack it offers fantastic value because of its quality and the size of the bar – over twice that of some others!

To find out how to clay and for all the tips you can download our easy to follow instructions – Car Care Products Guide to Clay Bars from our Tips section in the site.

Happy Claying…