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By system on Friday, 22 August 2008

You have got your polish, you have got your wax but are you getting the best results?

Sometimes great products do not give great results and you are left wondering why. You do need good products but you also need the right tools to apply them. With the advance in science comes Microfibre technology which is now used in some of the best detailing products available.

Gone are the old t-shirts used to polish the car, and the ripped dollar sponges used to wash it. They can do more harm than good. Enter the Microfibre revolution…

Microfibre cloths are available in many types, grades, qualities and thicknesses and some are designed specifically for a purpose. There are wash mitts, polishing clothes and glass cloths all designed to do a job and do it really well.

Microfibre offers a number of benefits including ultimate softness and the ability to pick up dirt particles and bring them to the centre of the cloth, saving all those tiny scratches and swirls in paint.

At Car Care Products we offer a wide range of Microfibre cloths to suit everyone’s needs with multi-packs and Cloth Kits designed to give you everything you need for your car.

As always, if you need assistance choosing the best product for you please do not hesitate to call, email or pop in…