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Parfum de Porsche

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By system on Friday, 22 August 2008

Most car makers are working hard creating hybrid cars and developing new vehicles that can be fuelled using sustainable energy sources; however Porsche is creating new smells.

The issues facing large car makers who are increasingly shifting to smaller, more efficient vehicles does not affect sports and exotic car makers like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche, as luxury goods are always in demand during peace time.

As Ferrari discovered, a lot of money can be made from merchandise bearing a world famous and highly sought after brand name.

So now Porsche is cashing in on the ‘badge boom’ by releasing a new fragrance line dubbed “Porsche Design: The Essence” and other assorted toiletries.

In total the German sports car maker is marketing seven new products. There are three fragrances, two deodorants, two after shave creams, and you can even get Porsche shampoo.

It’s not clear if users will smell like a Porsche after using the expensive products – the ‘burning clutch’ odour could be popular or perhaps the ‘Eau de exhaust’ may be a winner…