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I can see clearly now

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By system on Friday, 22 August 2008

Have you ever sat there at the lights and looked at your windscreen, only to be horrified at the dirty film on both the outside and inside? Or perhaps sat there waiting for your car to heat up to demist the screen?

Crystal clear windows not only look great but they are safer as well. So great rid of that grim and dirt easily with any of our glass products Autoglym Fast Glass combined with a Glass Cloth or Microfibre Cloth will get rid of that film fast.

You polish your paint so why not your glass? Autoglym Glass Polish goes to the next degree for those who really want perfect glass and a shiny finish. It is easy to use and will get rid of those hard to shift marks.

Ok you are now standing back being dazzled by the shine, how do you keep it? Rain-X Protectant is a technological miracle for your windscreen, one application last months and once applied rain and water simply cannot get a grip, slipping straight off.

Problems with fogging on the inside of your windscreen? Rain-X Anti-Fog might be the answer. This is part of the high-tech family and like its exterior brother; one application lasts ages and stops your screen steaming up.

So now you have crystal clear glass, what’s next…