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By system on Sunday, 03 August 2008

It is hard to keep your black exterior trim looking black and beauty. Dirt, tar, white polish stains, oxidation by the sun are all factors that ‘age’ your trim fast and leave a faded or grey appearance spoiling the overall appearance of your car.

The answer is here – Black WOW.

Black WOW is a unique dressing and protection for all plastic trim colours. This product transforms ordinary or faded trim, imparting a rich, dark matte finish that lasts for months between applications.

It is easy to apply and this product goes a long way, usually a pea-sized amount will cover an average sized grill or wheel arch. It is safe on all unpainted plastic trim, and contains no harmful dyes.

Black WOW will last in the rain or even after you wash the car again, literally for months. So add the finishing touch to your car and make it stand with glowing rich coloured, trim.